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Wordsplosion for iOS!

  • Date: August 21, 2012
  • Posted by: Concrete Software
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Wordsplosion is a rapid-fire word game in which players must correctly guess a five-letter word before the timer runs out. The first letter of the word is provided and players are allowed five incorrect guesses, but time is of the essence, because taking too long results in…Wordsplosions.

Flawless production, attention to detail, and a huge dictionary filled with thousands of possible words place Wordsplosion among the best looking and most engaging word games available for iOS.


“Guessing words is rarely this entertaining (or cool!), and Wordsplosion gets everything just right for a nearly-perfect mobile experience!” – John Bardinelli,

“This game is beautiful and expertly crafted – from the audio to the smooth controls and maddening word choices, it will keep you challenged for a few minutes or as long as you and your word recognition skills let you survive.” -Barnes & Noble

Wordsplosion is available now on the iTunes App Store.


  1. Jake says:

    Hey Wendy,

    We are hoping to port it over to Android soon. We will let you know as soon as it is coming soon!

  2. WENDY says:

    When is Wordsplosion going to be available for android systems?

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