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Clubhouse Leaderboards for August 2023!

  • Date: September 1, 2023
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Hello Golf Shootout fans!


Here are a few leaderboards for August 2023! These commemorate the success of top players and clubhouses in two fields: FedExCup ranked play and Tournament play.

First up, we have our first individual leaderboard. These players are the world’s top-ranked FedExCup players as of the end of August 2023!



Next, we have three clubhouse leaderboards.

FedExCup Points is the sum total of the FedExCup points owned by ALL members of a clubhouse at the end of the month. The clubhouses at the top have numerous highly-ranked players.



Next is Tournament Wins. These clubhouses are the ones who got the most 1st places in tournaments.


Finally, we have Tournament Points. Beyond just looking at Tournament 1sts, the Tournament Points metric looks at all tournament placements from 1st through 50th and assigns a point value for each placement. Doing well in lots of tournaments boosts your clubhouse’s Tournament Points score whether or not you snag 1st. The top clubhouses here are ones that both participate in a lot of tournaments, and also tend to do well.

Note: We’re still working on how Tournament Points works! Read below for a little more info on how these are calculated, and feel free to visit our Discord to discuss improvements.



Below, you can see the number of Tournament Points your clubhouse earns based on your final placement: