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TOUR Tips: Tutorial Clubs

  • Date: April 30, 2019
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Hello golfers!

PGA TOUR® Golf Shootout has been out for about a week, and we’re excited to share with you a new recurring feature called TOUR Tips to help you out on the links! Unsure of how to use a new club you unlocked? Wondering how to combine clubs in your bag to make the most out of your game? Stuck on a certain hole? We’re here to help! In our first edition, we’ll be highlighting some of the very first clubs from the tutorial and how to use them effectively.

You’ll notice as you’re traversing through the first Solo levels you’ll be starting out on Deere Run. With only some slight curves and most of its hazards being on the fringe, your initial bag is well-suited for this terrain. Speaking of, you’ll be starting out with:

Endeavor (Driver) – The first club you upgrade! While it doesn’t boast tremendous amounts of power, it has good control and spin. Use it to your advantage to land straight in the fairway. At level 3, Endeavor gains the ability Brand Loyalty. This gives it +1 power per Willoughsby club next to it. If you truly want to go the extra distance, apply top spin to roll the ball further.

Huntsman (Wood) – Woods are great to use after your drive shot to close in on the green. At level 3, Huntsman unlocks its Tree Bonus ability. This gives it boosted stats depending on how many trees are within 25 feet. Land the ball near the big tree in the middle of Deere Run hole 4 and take advantage of the boost!

Bushwhacker (Iron) – Stuck in the rough, huh? Don’t fret! This iron adds +2 to all stats with its Rough Bonus ability if it’s in the rough or deep rough. This can be incredibly helpful if you need to get back on the fairway from the rough.

Sandsend (Wedge) – As the name implies, this wedge is best used in a sand trap. Be mindful of where to apply spin! Like Endeavor, Sandsend gains the ability Brand Loyalty at level 3. Use your other Willoughsby brand clubs to boost each others’ stats!

Homestead (Putter) – A solid, well-rounded putter for beginners and veterans alike. Like Endeavor and Sandsend, Homestead also gains Brand Loyalty at level 3. If you find Endeavor or Sandsend might be lacking power-wise, place it next to Homestead!

Next time we’ll be covering some additional clubs you’re likely to pick up as you progress through your daily challenges and the Solo levels. Are there other things you want featured? Let us know in the comments!