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TOUR Tips: Willoughsby Edition

  • Date: May 17, 2019
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Hey golfers!

Welcome back to TOUR Tips! Today we highlight a familiar club brand: Willoughsby! Although not the flashiest brand, they may be the most reliable: with well-rounded stats, Willoughsby clubs can be used almost anywhere. This brand is unique in that ALL of the clubs have the Brand Loyalty ability, meaning the more Willoughsbys in your bag, the more powerful they become! Here’s the club-by-club breakdown:

Homestead (Putter): Your classic beginner putter, but with a twist; as your collection grows, you’ll certainly find more powerful putters, but as long as Homestead is paired with other Willoughsby clubs (see below), Brand Loyalty will keep it relevant deep into your career.

Endeavor (Driver): Like Homestead, you may be tempted to ditch Endeavor for something more powerful, but this club is probably your most reliable driver for a long time to come. It has the highest control stat out of all the drivers save one, and it is always a good choice for Par 3s.

Steward (Driver): Next to Endeavor, you may wonder why you’d ever pick Steward, but Steward’s power lies in its abilities, Aid and Chains into Woods. Aid will give the clubs next to it +1 to all stats (+2 at level 8 and +3 at level 11), while Chains into Woods gives your next shot +3 power to your wood (+4 at level 6, +5 at level 9, and +6 at level 12). Place your wood next to Steward, and the followup shot will more than make up for Steward’s low power.

Groundskeep (Wood): Even if your bag is entirely Willoughsby, Groundskeep is pretty niche. Its Fairway Affinity ability does, however, upgrade to a +2 bonus to all stats for other Willoughsby clubs at level 9, so it and Commonlaw can team up to give a massive control boost for a chipping strategy.

Meanderer (Hybrid): For a legendary club, you might be disappointed in Meanderer’s low power – but don’t be fooled! With its Groundspin x3 ability, and with an already high spin stat, you’ll hardly need power if you apply topspin on the fairway! One could even argue Meanderer could substitute as a wood replacement. Alternatively, if you’re stuck in a bunker a fair distance from the green, consider ditching your wedge and using Meanderer instead with topspin to help the ball roll to the green. If you’re feeling extra fancy, aim for the flag and apply backspin so the ball stops on a dime!

Commonlaw (Iron): This is another club where the unique ability outshines the club itself. Bag Control gives your other clubs +1 control, later increasing to +2 at level 7 and +3 at level 12. If you’re finding that haymaker drivers like Rampart or People’s Champion are missing key shots and costing you games, give Commonlaw a second look.

Kinship (Iron): Kinship is by itself a strong early-game iron. It also pairs uniquely with Homestead with Kinship’s Chains into Willoughsby ability, which gives the next Willoughsby club +3 to all stats. If you were underwhelmed with Homestead before, consider combining it with this iron to set up a fantastic putt. The Chains into Willoughsby ability also means Kinship can chain into itself, so if you whiff your first shot with it, you get even better subsequent chances.

Sandsend (Wedge): Sandsend, Homestead, and Endeavor all feed off each other with well-rounded stats and Brand Loyalty abilities. If you’re still in the early game faced with an average Par 3 or 4, consider using some combination of these three for a simple, no-nonsense strategy.

Do you have a favorite Willoughsby club? Have any suggestions for clubs or a club brand in our next article? Let us know in the comments! And remember…