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Meet Brittany, our Monetization and Advertising Manager!

  • Date: March 12, 2017
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

Brittany has been our Monetization and Advertising Manager for over a year now. During this time she’s helped us acquire new users as well as give feedback on each of our games. She brings a new perspective to Concrete with her creativity, people skills, and pie charts!

Brittany says she’s always loved the opportunity to work with other people. Thus why she attended Southern Connecticut State University  to study Organizational Communication and went on to work with a wide variety of people and industries. Previously Brittany worked in the music and entertainment industry in sales. In her college years she worked at Six Flags as an intern where she helped run their events.  As a kid she loved playing playing RollerCoaster Tycoon and when she looked for work in Minnesota she saw games as another fun place to meet new people.. When she first came to Concrete she says she was not really a big mobile gamer, but after working at Concrete she’s fallen in love with playing Concrete Software’s Aces® Hearts as well as several other games.

In her job, Brittany says she gets to watch her ideas impact the games and her relationships grow. She ensures our games are fun, engaging, and also thinks up creative ways to bring new users to our game.