PGA Tour Golf Shootout: Upcoming Maintenance – Jan. 8

  • Date: December 28, 2023
  • Posted by: Concrete Software

On January 8th, Clubhouses will undergo maintenance, starting early morning CST. Maintenance is expected to be complete within two hours.

During maintenance, clubhouses and friends will be temporarily unavailable, and all clubhouse messages will be cleared. Clubhouse points cannot be earned during this time.

Additionally, players who haven’t been active in the past 6 months will be removed from clubhouses. If a clubhouse captain is removed in this fashion, a new clubhouse captain will be automatically assigned.

When maintenance is complete, you’ll need to restart the app in order to access clubhouses. 

The purpose of this maintenance is to transfer clubhouse data to our new clubhouse back end. If you see any unexpected behavior after the maintenance date, please report it to our support team through the in-app help interface.